Flexible loan and grant options for rural America

Our niche is USDA guaranteed loans offered through the USDA Rural Development office. We have helped hundreds of Lenders access these programs for their Borrowers over 30+ years, saving valuable loan officer time and agony, as well as crafting loan structures that dramatically improve bank profitability. We work with lenders throughout the entire USDA process, from underwriting to application to secondary market sale. Let us be your expert!

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USDA guaranteed loans

Special financing for rural small business owners, non-profits, and tribes 

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How it works

Skip the research and call us to determine project eligibility, underwriting requirements, and structural limitations. 

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“The Best Kept Secret to Improved Bank Profits”

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USDA lending helps bridge the gap for rural business owners to access the capital they need to grow.

Our niche is USDA guaranteed loans offered through the USDA Rural Development office. We have helped hundreds of borrowers access these programs for 30+ years by placing their project financings within our network of partner banks. We help borrowers throughout the entire USDA process, from underwriting to lender introduction to USDA application to closing. Let us help you find your bank! 

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Benefits To Using USDA Guaranteed Lending Programs

Our team specializes in connecting businesses with the right financial institutions. We'll leverage our relationships to match you with a bank that understands your unique needs and has experience with the USDA guaranteed loan programs. Program.

Searching for the right bank is time-consuming and overwhelming. Let us do the legwork for you. Our consultants will streamline the process, saving you valuable time and ensuring you find a banking partner quickly.

Securing a loan requires more than just filling out forms. Our consultants will engage with you to prepare a strong application that highlights the strengths of your business and increases your chances of approval.

Don't leave money on the table. With our guidance, you can maximize your funding potential through the USDA guaranteed loan programs, giving your business the capital it needs to thrive.

Our Expertise Includes

Our team has worked on projects throughout the United States, ranging from strip retail centers to hospitals to cell towers. We have helped finance for-profit businesses, tribal entities, municipal governments, and non-profits utilizing one or more of the following programs. 

Business & Industry

Business financing for most rural operations, other than housing and farms/ranches

Rural Energy for America Program

For-profit and non-profit financing for renewable energy projects in rural areas

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Community Facilities

Non-profit, public bodies, and tribal financing for “essential community facilities” located in rural areas

Water & Waste Disposal

Non-profit, public bodies, and tribal financing for drinking water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater systems in rural areas

Unlock the vast potential of these programs with a trusted guide

Let us help you navigate complexity and maximize the benefits of these programs to deliver powerful results for your customers in a timely and resource-efficient manner.  

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Benefits For Lenders

Allows your financial institution to provide loans above your legal lending limit.

Increases profitability.

Reduces concerns regarding collateral/appraisal issues often found in small communities.

Provides you with another tool to expand your loan portfolio while mitigating risk.

Retains relationships with customers who are growing beyond the legal and internal lending limits.

Completed Loans

Since inception, Guaranteed Lending Specialists has worked with business owners, lending institutions and rural communities in the areas of capital acquisition and structure. Our clients represent a variety of industries including Communications, Construction, Distribution, Energy, Health Care, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail Trade, Services, Technology, Transportation, Wholesale Trade and many more.

Children's Hospital
New Construction, Refinancing
Hotel Development
New Construction
Oil & Gas
Acquisition Financing
Tribal Trading Post
New Construction
Cell Towers
New Construction, Multiple Phases
Rock Quarry
Refinancing, New Equipment
Medical Office Building
New Construction
Marina + Yacht Club
Purchase Financing
High Speed Internet Fiber
New Construction
Fabrication Manufacturing
Acquisition Financing
Car Wash
New Construction
Skilled Nursing
Acquisition Financing, Multiple Locations
Acquisition Financing